The house mouse is the most successful rodent in adapting to live with people. It is found almost anywhere people are, feeding on human food, sheltering in human structures, and reproducing at a remarkable rate. It is the most troublesome and economically important vertebrate pest, contaminating untold millions of dollars worth of food, damaging possessions, and causing electrical fires with its constant gnawing.


Mice are one of the most common pests in the world. Houston residents are finding that mice have been contaminating food containers, causing structural damage, and causing more issues in homes and property. As their numbers grow quickly, house mouse infestations must be eradicated at the first signs of activity. Find out how to identify mice problems in your home now! 


There are over 30 species of mouse, with multiple inhabiting the Houston area. There are vast differences in species but size and location are typically great indicators of the species. House mice are among the smallest of the critters, and are differntiated based on the following traits.

  • Weigh about .5 ounces and
  • Are between 8 and 11 inches long including the tail.
  • Their fur ranges in colors from light brown to black, with light colored bellies.
  • Have pointed noses 
  • Tiny black eyes
  • Large ears
  • Scaly tails
  • Are capable swimmers, jumpers, and climbers; House mice are quite nimble


Mice have established themselves in Houston and are becoming more nad more common. House mice enjoy prominence wherever there is human activity. Typically, mice eat between 15-20 times a day, this is why they establish homes relatively close to areas where there are food resources. They may nest underground or in an otherwise sheltered location. They build nests out of anything they can find really, paper, burlap, and other fibrous materials in and around houses, farms, warehouses, and open fields.

Mice Problems


The ideal habitat of house mice will involve a sheltered location around human activity, making homes, or near homes, a common location for mice to be seen. House mice can nest underground, but prefer to nest within manmade shelters, including houses, farms, and warehouses. 


Much of the damages caused to humans, by mice, result from their search for food. Mice tend to contaminate foods while foraging, leaving traces of their feces and urine in and around food containers. This can result in yourself or a loved one to become very sick, and the spreading of diseases can be likely, including salmonellosis, leptospirosis, rat-bite fever, and tape worms. Mice can often carry fleas, ticks, and other parasites. Thier teeth grow rapidly, because of this, mice also tend to gnaw and ruin a number of household items and property. In many cases this includes electrical wires, floorboards, furniture, and even foundations. This can cause electrical fires, and over time, significant damage to your home and property.

Mice Control

Critter Control of Houston will identify your mouse problem and employ our unique methods to solve it. Our control services include removal and trapping, damage repairs, and prevention.

Trapping & Removal

Our trapping and removal methods are safe, humane, and effective. Trust Critter Control of Houston to get rid of your house mice control problems in no time!

Damage Repairs & Prevention

For full-service control and long-term results, call Critter Control of Houston. We will remove the mice problem, repair damages made, and prevent future issues from occurring. We are your house mice control company.

We can help you get rid of mice problems! Call the Critter Control of Houston today! 713.391.8066

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