Critter Control of Houston StaffCritter Control of Houston can handle all of your wildlife control problems. Our trained professionals can remove squirrels and other pesky wildlife efficiently and give you permanent relief of wildlife invasions. Raccoons, squirrels, rats and bats don't stand a chance against our tactics, methods and strategies. We offer you professional services, materials and methods to ensure customer satisfaction.


The moment you confirm a wild animal has invaded your home can be intimidating. Critter Control of Houston offers a variety of services in order to complete your unique problem quickly, effectively, and permanently. Our certified technicians will involve you in every step of the process and educate you on the specific problem animal at hand. The first step to wildlife control is removal. Our technicians ensure every animal is removed in a humane and safe manner. Roof rat trapping, skunk relocation, mice removal and bat exclusion are challenging tasks and should only be trusted in the hands of true professionals.

From removal, the animal damage repairs can begin. Wildlife animal are.. WILD! Extensive damage is created at the point of entry alone, and once inside it only escalates. Wires can be chewed, air ducts can be broken and insulation can be ruined. Repairs are important to keep your home functioning as it should, and keep odors, stains and diseases/parasites away. Damage to insulation is a long-term problem. If your attic is not properly insulated, you will see a rise in heat bills! We understand the importance of keeping your home properly insulated and energy costs down. After the repairs are done it will be like the wildlife invasion never happened.

Once repairs are made, professional prevention methods will be used to keep another wildlife animal from entering your home. This might entail installing chimney caps, vent screens or habitat modification. Specific wildlife will require specific prevention methods. We will help you understand how to not attract wildlife to your home. Keeping excess water, food, and shelter outside to a minium will help your home look less attractive. Our technicians are trained in different animal habitats and use their knowledge to ensure your home stays critter-free!

In addition to wildlife control, our technicians are able to offer you home services as well! We can replace your damaged insulation after your squirrel infestation, remove carcasses, clean out gutters, and many other services! Our technicians are able to help with a variety of services, you can be sure that when you call Critter Control of Houston, your problems will be taken care of correctly the first time.

Wildlife Animals

Our technicians are trained to solve your problems with raccoons, squirrels, roof rats, bats, opossums, mice, skunks, armadillos, snakes, badgers, and more! Wild animals can carry diseases and parasites that can be transmitted to humans and domestic pets. We understand the urgency of having the animals removed. Our humane methods will get the wildlife animals out safely and quickly. Rest assured our team will get rid of the pesky pests, no matter the animal!

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